Monday, 5 December 2011

Leaves, Floats and Peas

Tis the time of year when I have to get the security out to protect all my vegetable friends, I know all you out there are planning mass raids on supermarkets, grocers, convenience stores and gardens. Now we all sympathize with the turkey too but he too is guilty of gobbling at the remains of friends veg. I present my case before they all end up covered in gravy and sauce. Every year I have peered from the Polytunnel to see people like the idiots pull explosive items that sometimes don't go bang and push objects that do go explosive, ah see the sprouts you may eat can reek a revenge of hazardous means. I the almighty Cabbage do suggest that you give the Veg a miss and preserve my fellow greenery. So after my plea to save a pea I shall continue. In the quest for new convert's I shall be sailing on the great ocean Dansk, Attempting to bite a few ankles and spread my word and videos about. I shall keep you informed of my Polytunnel adventures. Pray for a calm one. Cabbage

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