Monday, 28 November 2011

1001 clicks...

Now you can see me and I can see you..Handsome aren't I! Ok there.. Now I have decided to try and get myself sponsored maybe by Fisons or B&Q..or like Uncle Dons Potato farm but hey it will do. I could have adverts put on my leaves, hey why you complain about that A cabbage has to earn his keep too, besides if I want to get mobile in my little wheelbarrow then I couldn't pay in sprouts..or could I?

 Now you know these days that everything is dominated by adverts..only the other day ITV got into trouble over showing 12 minutes of ads on Itv3, there get out clause was that they broke the Agatha Christie film up into pieces so it became termed as a continuing drama..Say A bit like Eastenders or Doctors.

 They could and tried to get around the rules by doing this splitting up the show. However the wise ones at OFCOM noticed this ploy and heavily fined the ITV for doing this.

 Moral Advertising doesn't always pay dividends.

 The time is near where all the kids adverts appear on our screens.. You know the ones with Barbie, Bambi and Bloggymonster all vying for your attention to buy for litle nieces and nephews, My little sprout relations will get water and a polytunnel this year. Who pays for all this outburst..we we do in the inflated prices of the toys each year.. Conveniently creating a huge demand on over subscribed toys (2000 made) to 20000 parents.

This thus inflates the market and creates more advertising and hype and increases brand awareness more and thus the cycle goes on.

 So Moral there advertising pays and pays again. There we are a quick insight into the ad mans brain. Don't forget to click my ad too..

 Thanks Cabbage.

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