Thursday, 24 November 2011

I rise up from the garden..


See and you all thought I was a silly cabbage who could interfere with the digital switch-over procedures!

Well I have now grabbed a wheelbarrow and I am indeed going to be fitting an engine and then I shall tour our planet in search of TV Gold for which I can grow myself a better life.

Let me see know I have enough John Innes number 4 to get me to the gate..need some water as well and a bit of fertiliser (Red Bull Maybe) and now away we go....

So I have reached the gate..wish I had thought of this engine idea sooner..damn near been 2 years since I was found and placed on you tube by those two scallys..wonder where they are now haha!

Apparently one had a knackered leg and the other was in a loony bin, see what the power of the TV can do..

I do know that during their early experiments they participated in a show for ITV2 called "Gagging for it"
They had a third co-worker..she seems to have slipped the net, I do wonder about her..
Anyhow they tried at that point to do comedy and stuff after a previously awful script writing session, the small fat one..he was the writer and the tall lanky one..he was the Creative one.
Idiots I say Idiots..IDIOTS.

So in the next few months and years I shall of course keep you up to date with things as they go.

In the meantime come and visit my channel..All mine!

Righto back to the sheltered corner...BYE.


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