Friday, 25 November 2011

How does my garden grow..

Hmmm.. As a cabbage I often get asked How does my garden grow, Obvious answer is cockleshells and silver bells....That seems rather too flouncy for my style though. I shall plant some thing here and see if it grows and then I shall continue. See with a bit of electronic watering anything is possible it seems, Wonder when it will bear fruit? I heard a rumour via the garden hose that those two idiots where planning something..maybe like the great Panorama spaghetti trees of the 1960's, I must say I didn't have anything to do with that oh no no no no (hoping an ad from heinz appears) I wonder what they will be getting up to? Seems like they have friends in high and low places, maybe the trees and the gutter. I think I have leaf mould also this week, you know its all this fog and moisture and now the wind too, have to get some E45 at this rate and a polytunnel. So now ita dark I must be hidden from the frost.. Cabbage.

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