Friday, 25 November 2011

With a swig of Bio-gro and a hay nonny-no!

I thought I saw one of them earlier, maybe its was a tub of lard... No wait, I was outside a supermarket and there was some bio-gro on special offer there. So quick as flash I took some and away I went with it, with security following me close behind... But trying steering with one wheel at the front, it leans more then a Robin Reliant on heat.

So I was typing in on my carrot powered computer, alright I found an internet cafe but you don't have get some funny looks from the people in there. So I blew them a raspberry and carried on, then I saw it 25,000 for this?! Either I must be letting off a noxious gas or someone is liking this stuff they are doing, hmmm...

I will endevour to do more research and see if can track one of them down...

Cabbage out!

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